The legacy of our program.


Year 1

The pilot program of Futbol4life begins with 20 children from El Pacto School in Ciudad Bolivar, Bogotá, Colombia.

This initiative had great reception and remained until the end of 2016.


Year 2

Several trainers were trained in Armenia-Colombia with Fundamentals of Leadership and methodology of the Futbol4Life program and a new pilot plan was started with 2 groups of children, coming from two areas of Bolivar, with great deficiencies (Villa del Carmen and Fachada).

Two new programs are created as additional tools to the main program Futbol4Life whose objective is to show different entities the advantages of the program (schools, sports leagues, football clubs, religious organizations, community centers)

These programs are WEEK-CAMP and the ID-CAMP. We are invited to participate in the REAXION-2016 event in Armenia-Colombia where more than 500 young professionals from different regions of the country met for 3 days to learn about growth programs and social assistance.


Year 3

The Soccer4Life program in Armenia-Colombia begins with 3 groups of children (Bernabéu, Villa del Carmen and Rufino). In these sites a total of 60 children officially started the program in this city.

The first ID-CAMP-F4L will be launched in January 2018 with the participation of the ANB Canadian Academy, who will take several certified trainers to identify the talent of the Futbol4Life program, and invite them to Canada.


Year 4

The Level-2 of Futbol4life opens with the participation of 22 children who were promoted from the 3 groups that began in 2017. We have a sports venue in Armenia (Bernabeu Sports Park), which allows us to centralize the program during 2018.​

The 1st Id-Camp F4L was held from February 23rd until the 25th with the participation of 3 invited coaches from Canada (Bassam Naim, Carlos Nichols, Marcelo Almeida) and 65 children from different clubs.​

We selected 15 children who received an invitation from ANB Futbol Academy to attend the Id-Camp organized by this academy in the month of June.

From June 21st until July 11th, 11 children and a coach to participate in the Id-Camp and have a life experience in this country. Six children traveled with all expenses covered.​

Leyson Mosquera, Nicolas Restrepo, Santiago Blanco, Valeria Martinez and Kevin Rojas were selected to extend their status in Canada until September 2018 and allow the ANB Academy to follow up their performance more closely.​

Leyson Mosquera was invited by ANB to participate in the XXX CUP international tournament held in xxxx England from July 27th to August 5th. Leyson traveled and played the tournament with the ANB team category 2003-2004.​

It was made official with ANB futbol Academy to carry out the 2nd Id-Camp F4L in the city of Armenia for the month of November 2019.


Year 5

Two programs are opened with about 50 children at the sports headquarters in Armenia (Parque Deportivo Bernabeu), which allows us to centralize the program as we did in 2018.

After several attempts to unify the program in the Leadership part, a new learning cycle begins using tools from the Jhon Maxwell Team for youth (I Choose).

The teacher Miguel Angel Cuellar and Joan Berrio give us the privilege of having them as the trainers of the program for the first Module January-March in Futbol4life.

Leyson Mosquera (2004 F4L participant), was invited by the ANB academy to participate in a prestigious soccer tournament with players from different parts of the planet and organized by the Club L’Havre in France from April 14 to 23, 2019

Two young and talented coaches (Esteban Cortes and Mateo Sterling) continue as Futbol4life coaches after Miguel Cuellar’s departure for the USA where he lives.

Thanks to the collaboration of Fernando Paneso (Former FIFA referee), the Futbol4life program performs module 3 in the facilities of the Centenario stadium in Armenia.

The first GALA NIGHT to support Futbol4life program took place in Toronto Canada where more than 130 people from different backgrounds and nationalities gathered to collaborate in this cause.

From November 29 to December 1 the 2nd ID-amp F4L was held in Corporacion Bolo Club in Armenia Colombia, where close to 100 young people under the supervision of 6 invited coaches from Canada and France enjoyed and showed their talents, seeking to be chosen to have the opportunity to travel to live a experience in Canada in 2020.

2019 ended with a meeting for the participants and families of the Futbol4life program for three days (December 6,7,8). This meeting gave us the joy and confidence to continue 2020 with more enthusiasm and to continue working on the purpose of “preparing young people, to transform generations”, which is seen more clearly every day by all of us who are part of Futbol4Life program.


Year 6

Two programs are opened with 42 children in February at Parque Deportivo Bernabeu in Armenia-Colombia, 22 new kids were accepted to the program 2020.

In the Leadership aspect, a new learning cycle begins in February, continuing using tools from the John Maxwell Team for youth (I Choose) and introducing the Strengths Finder Test from Gallup organization for kids in the second year of the program.

One coordinator (Juan Carlos Meza), one coach (Esteban Cortes) and one Assistant coach were hired to run the program for 2020.

On March 16th, 2020 due to the pandemic, the program stopped the training sessions for that year.

From April 2020 to December 2020, Athletes4life supported 20 families in difficult situation with groceries due to the situation of Covid-19.

In August 2020, we bought an English program platform and 5 laptops to help kids of the program with the language. The classes were taken in groups of fives from Tuesday to Saturday at AGORA in Armenia-Colombia.

In May 2020 we support a family with an entrepreneur project, given the family the resources to implement a “Chicken Growth Mini-farm” to raise 20 to 40 chickens per month.

As part of our training sessions, the participants received in a weekly basis from June to November, videos from our coach Esteban to perform home exercises and keep active in sports activities.

Due to the difficulties to have internet or devices in many of the homes of the participants, these options were helpful for about 40% of the population of the program only.

In December 2020 we had the possibility to give groceries to more than 50 families around Armenia-Colombia.


Year 7

One program was opened with 22 kids (Born 2007/2008) at Parque Deportivo Bernabeu in Armenia-Colombia in February.

In the Leadership sessions, using the tools from JMT- I chose -started in February.

One coordinator (Juan Carlos Meza), one coach (Joan Berrio) and one Assistant coach were hired to run the program for 2021.

We continued with the grocery’s donations to different families from the program until June 2021.

50 sets of uniforms (training uniforms and presentation shirts) were given to participants and coaches.

The participants to the program received a healthy snack after each training session from February to November.

Leyson Mosquera was invited to be part of ANB Futbol Academy in Canada for 6 months starting October 1st, 2021. Lodging, transportation, and health insurance is covered by Athletes4life while training, uniforms, and potential trips to tournaments in Canada and overseas will be covered by ANB Soccer Academy.

Thanks to the donation of a family, Leyson was registered to study English for 20 weeks in a prestigious institute in Toronto-Canada.

4 athletes from the program travelled to Canada from Armenia-Colombia from December 10th to December 24th to participate in the 12th Id-Camp organized by ANB Soccer. All the expenses for lodging and transportation were covered by Athletes4life.


Year 8

The INEM school in Armenia, Quindío opens the doors to the Futbol4life
program. 6th and 7th grade students who want to be part of the program
can begin their preparation, starting Feb 2022.

In the municipality of Filandia, Quindío, a group with 24 boys/girls was
opened to start the Futbol4life program.

Indeportes Quindio appoints three (3) monitors from its sports school
program to support Futbol4life. The coaches Johan Betancour, Miguel Celi
and Heller Zapata will be part of the Futbol4life program in 2022.

A group of (17) men who traveled from Canada to a camp in Medellin,
Colombia, carried out recovery and restoration work in areas of the Inem
school as part of the support and gratitude for allowing the Futbol4life
program to establish itself in the city of Armenia.

Leyson Mosquera travels with the sports director of ANB Futbol Academy
Bassam Naim, to do try-outs in France with the professional teams OGC
Nice Football Club and Stac Troyes Football Club.

Jhon Edison Hurtado arrives in Canada from Armenia, Quindío to join ANB
soccer for the 2022 season. Jhon received a scholarship to be part of the
team and see study opportunities in this country.

Leyson Mosquera receives a one-year scholarship to study at Northwood
School in New York and see opportunities for development through soccer
with universities in the United States.

A group of +150 people, 60 of them participating in the futbol4life program
with their families, were part of the closing event of the year at the Inem
school for futbol4life program.


Year 9

16 Futbol4life groups were opened in 8 municipalities of Quindio (Armenia, Tebaida, Quimbaya, Circasia, Filandia, Calarca, Buena Vista, Pueblo Tapao) with the participation of 350 boys and girls from different schools.

Leyson Mosquera graduated from High Education at Northwood school in Lake Placid, NY and received a scholarship to Maryville University in St. Louis Missouri to study Sports Business Management for a period of four (4) years.

Jhon Edison Hurtado returned to Colombia and joined the lower divisions of the professional team Once Caldas in the city of Manizales.

Three (3) leadership workshops were held with the participation of more than 300 families from the program Futbol4life in different municipalities of Quindio.

The first integration camp was held at the Futbol4life headquarters in Circasia-Quindio with the participation of 45 kids from the program.

In Toronto-Canada we held our “Bingo Gala Night” event to raise funds for the 3rd Id-Camp to be held in Armenia-Quindio from November 27 to December 3.

We carried out the 3rd Id-Camp F4L with the participation of 300 athletes, 6 guest coaches from the USA, France and Canada and 30 volunteers from the NA-Global organization.

After the Id-Camp, 10 participants were selected to participate in the month of July 2024 of the ANB Id-Camp in Canada.

Four participants of the F4L program (Michel Molina, Geimar Mosquera, Kevin Rodriguez and Daniel Walteros) were chosen to apply for study scholarships in the US in 2024 or 2025.

Children Reached
Invited to Canada
Intl. Coaches
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